of Stars and Stones  chapter 1


Every congregation confronts the choice—to make noise or music, to scream like the prophets of Baal or resonate to the foundational Voice of God. A congregation can attempt to remake its voice in culture’s image or sound forth its God-given uniqueness joining stars and stones in the symphony of praise. The choice would seem easy, but never is.


of Poets and Prophets  chapter 2


It is a breakthrough moment when a congregation decides to look within rather than “go shopping” when the time comes to consider what their music and worship style should be...The congregation possesses a common or communal voice that is the sound of God in their midst. The voice possesses the congregation. God is in them and around them, Immanuel…The poets and prophets among us won’t let us forget that fact.


of Church and Congregation  chapter 3


As the voice of Christ’s church results from the combined voices of many congregations, so a congregation’s voice results from the combined voices of the generations that make it up. And yes, each generation must learn its part in the chorus.


of Pulpit and Pew  chapter 4


While hearing all voices given to song is an exhilarating experience, songs exist for reasons beyond the actual singing. Worship songs exist to renew the mind of the congregation and to transform. They must reach deep, renewing the mind and transforming everyone who stands in the pulpit or sits in the pews.


of Here and Heaven  chapter 5


When a congregation finds its voice, it finds its place in our segment of the on-going and over-arching story of Christianity; a story that arches from Genesis to Genesis, from Heaven to Heaven…Will the story that goes forward, having passed through your day and your congregation, remain authentic?